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If you are in the market for a thin-set mortar removal in Houston, Texas, look no further. Cutting Edge Dust Free Tile Removal tackles each job leaving you with a cleaner home. We specialize in dustless thinset removal using none other than the industry’s top-rated system, DustRam®

We Grind Down the Thinset and Give Scarification for Proper Adhesion

DustRam® is recognized world-wide for its impeccable system of tools and equipment that not only removes flooring approximately three times faster than any other system but it also captures the dust immediately, leaving your home in better shape than if you chose traditional or virtually dust free.

Cutting Edge Dust Free Tile Removal has lead the Houston market for many decades providing you with a dustless solution for flooring removal jobs. Dust is no longer an issue with the DustRam® System on hand!

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We’ll Remove Thinset Mortar from Your Concrete Floor The Dust Free Way

Why choose cutting edge for your thinset removal?

Cutting Edge has experience and longevity working in the industry that guarantees customer satisfaction, every time. Hiring Cutting Edge means you are choosing a team of veterans with decades of combined experience in the field of construction and remodeling. You can rest assured that our team will deliver only the best quality thinset removal in the entire city of Houston.

Our reputation truly speaks for itself. Not only have we continued to deliver exceptional quality over the years while perfecting our craft, but we also provide you with what many other contractors typically don’t. We not only remove thinset dust free but we also grind down the thinset and scarify it so that the subfloor is left in ideal condition for your floor installation.

Many contractors do not provide this level of prep work for their tile or thinset removal jobs. Follow along with Cutting Edge to learn more about this service!

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Thinset mortar is not the same as grout

Thinset is also commonly known as drystone mortar, dry bond mortar, thinset mortar, or thinset cement. Thinset is an adhesive mortar that is made of water-retaining agents like alkyl derivatives of cellulose, fine sand, and cement. Thinset mortar is attached to tile or stone such as concrete or cement to help create a bond between the thin-set and the tile. Thin-set is not to get confused with grout. Thinset mortar is used to install tiles over cement, cement fiberboards, and anti-fracture waterproofing membranes. Thinset typically contains polymer and latex additives which are designed specifically to increase the strength of bonding. Grout on the other hand is a filler that is much thinner than thin-set and allows for pouring between tiles. Grout is used to fill in the lines and spaces between tiles. Hire Cutting Edge for a high-quality dustless thin-set mortar removal. If you have any questions about our process or would like to book your appointment, contact us right now.

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We are dustram® certified and we capture silica dust at creation

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