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Cutting Edge Dust Free Tile Removal

We are on the cutting edge of technology for flooring removal services. We are a factory-trained and certified contractor in Houston for the patented DustRam® dust-free tile removal system. Our highly-trained technicians, and technologically advanced system, guarantee an unparalleled tile or stone removal project. No other contractor can come close to removing materials systems with this high level of cleanliness and dust capturing ability.

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#1 Dust Free Flooring Removal Company in Houston, TX

Most homeowners do not know that the traditional processes and tools used to remove ceramic or porcelain tile, as well as various stone material floors in their home, can be dangerous to their health, family and pets.(Click here to read about the hazards of crystalline silica dust). This is in addition to the dust and mess that contaminates your home when the process is completed by contractors with inadequate or antiquated equipment. Many contractors do not tell you about the dust or fail to adequately mitigate the mess that will be created in your home for you to be responsible for cleaning up. Hire our team for your dust free tile removal in Houston, Texas.

The Job Gets Done Correctly the First Time!

Professional cleaning services can clean the home of most of the dust, usually with 3 or 4 return visits for follow-up cleanings, since the dust continues to move around the home through operation of the heating and cooling systems. Duct work cleaning companies will remove most of the dust that enters through vents and registers but if there is still dust on walls and ceilings, this will eventually find its way into the ducts again.

DustRam® Eliminates the Dusty Mess

Typically, 500-600 pounds of dust are created when chipping and grinding 1,000 square feet of tile and thinset, even more if your home has Saltillo or stone tiles. Some Contractors attempt to reduce dust by installing fans in windows to extract the dust from the interior of the home but heavier dust particles fall to the floor. Plastic sheeting and tape may be used to cover doorways, openings, furniture or belongings but it is difficult to fully achieve or maintain an air tight seal. Consider what happens to the dust that has actually settled on the plastic when it is suddenly torn away to be removed. Even techniques using water or water sprays only capture some of the dust and clean-up of the dusty water usually leaves behind a residual amount of dust that will become airborne once the water has dried.

Better Floor Preparation

By choosing to invest in dust free tile removal in Houston, you are choosing better preparation for your flooring installation. Installing new floors can be expensive, so you want for it to last! The foundation is extremely important and making sure it is properly prepared is key for a smooth install! With dust free tile removal, you are left with a cleaner, smoother, and better prepared subfloor, making it easier for the floor installation process to come.

Top-Quality Results, Better Subfloor Preparation, and NO DUST!

At Cutting Edge Tile Removal, we provide you the peace of mind that once the project is completed, you will not have to deal with the cleanup and potential health issues left over from a dusty tile removal for months to come. Using our DustRam@ System Equipment that captures the dust at the source, the dust cannot get airborne and contaminate your home. Absolutely no dust in the air means your ductwork, cabinets, closets, and drawers will not be infiltrated by dust, nor will your draperies, furniture, and carpets be covered with fine dust particles. Please call us today to discuss your dust free tile removal in Houston, Texas.

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Silica Dust Exposure is Dangerous

We Capture it at a Rate of 99.99% at the Point of Creation

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), crystalline silica is classified as a human lung carcinogen (cancer causing). Prolonged or acute inhalation causes a respiratory disease called Silicosis. Silicosis is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease where the crystalline silica becomes lodged in the small sacs of the lungs called alveoli. The dust causes scar tissue to form and restricts the ability of the lungs to properly take in and process oxygen, as well as blocks the exchange of gas at the cellular level.

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Our Services

Ceramic Tile Removal

If you are looking for dust-free ceramic tile floor removal in Houston, TX, look no further than Cutting Edge Dust Free Tile Removal!

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thinset Removal

If you are in the market for a thin-set mortar removal in Houston, Texas, look no further. Cutting Edge Dust Free Tile Removal tackles each job.

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What our customers say about us

Just like they claimed, there was no dusty mess as they removed our old slate flooring. Love our new hardwoods and NO DUST, so would recommend them if you need your floors removed.

By Terry S. Memorial, TX

They were great, the process was easy and Jeff and Jarred were very professional.

By Sally T. Houston, TX.

Excellent work! We highly recommend them! And it truly was dust free! Thanks guys!

Tricha Crouch

I am so glad we decided to use Cutting Edge Tile Removal when removing over 700 sq ft of tile. I am amazed that all the countertops are clean and there's no dust on anything. The company was so easy to work with. It was definitely money well spent. Amazed!

Kari Crenshaw

Cutting Edge Tile Removal did a great job on removing our tile floor. We had approximately 1,100 sq ft of tile to remove and Jeff and his crew did a great job! They arrived timely, worked hard all day, were attentive to our needs and desire to retain some of the tiles. NO DUST! Just as promised. I will recommend Jeff and his crew to anyone in my area looking to remove tile “Dust Free”. We were very concerned about the amount of dust that would be created by removing that much tile but the system works great!

Don H.

WOW- I will recommend them to everyone that needs flooring removed. It really is DUST FREE. A very professional company in all respects.

Darra E.

Jeff – I just wanted to thank you for the job your crew did the last couple of days at my house. The process worked exactly like you said it would. My tile is gone and there’s no dust in my house! Your crew was great to work with and communicated with me throughout the process. I honestly can’t believe how clean my house is today. Please use me as a reference for any of your clients that are on the fence. The extra money for your process is well worth it to avoid the mess and harmful silica dust.

David Jones

We had over 600 sq feet of tile removed. We had started the project ourselves and soon found ourselves drowning in dust. There had to be a better way. We called in the pros. What a difference having the right equipment, experience, organization and crew of strong guys made. They were efficient, respectful of the home and belongs, and worked diligently. The job was done to our amazement. Everything cleaned up and hauled away. Could not ask for more from a service company. My hat is off to you.

Alex Zogheib

The Guys at Cutting Edge did a fantastic job removing over 1,000 sq/ft of tile from my house. It was completely dust free! I could not be happier. If you have ever had tile removed the old way, dust is all over the place. This is worth every penny. Great job Jeff and your team.

Chris Richards


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