Discover the unparalleled safety and efficiency of DustRam®’s dust free tile flooring removal services in Alief, Texas. Our skilled team, equipped with cutting-edge and patented technology, ensures a clean and health-conscious renovation experience. DustRam® contractors are the only ones that can provide a real dust free result. DustRam® invented the dust free method and technology. Get a quote for your tile removal today.

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Looking for Dustless Tile Removal? Choose Dust Free Instead.

Introducing DustRam® in Alief, Texas – a leader in innovative dust free tile flooring removal. We are committed to providing a service that’s not just unique but vital for maintaining the cleanliness and well-being of your spaces. With over 26 U.S. patents, DustRam® is the acknowledged inventor of the original dust-free tile removal method. We provide quality dust free results every single time, no dust – no mess.

1. Silica Dust Exposure Health Risks

Often overlooked, the health hazards of silica dust – a byproduct of tile removal – are serious. Long-term exposure can lead to significant health problems, including respiratory diseases. In Alief, DustRam® raises the bar for safety, eliminating silica dust exposure, and surpassing OSHA’s demanding safety standards. This commitment ensures unparalleled protection for you and your family from these hidden dangers. Traditional and virtually dustless removals are not dust free and still expose you to the dust. As a known carcinogen, silica also causes Silicosis, COPD, Kidney disease and much more. Choose dust free, the healthy solution to flooring removal.

Learn more about the dangerous crystalline silica dust and the impact of exposure and inhalation. 

2. Dustless Tile Removal Is Not Dust Free!

Beware of the misleading ‘dustless’ tile removal claims that imply partial dust control. DustRam® takes a decisive leap forward by offering a genuinely dust-free tile removal experience. Our method goes beyond mere reduction to complete dust elimination, making tile removal healthier and more efficient. Our dust-free process exceeds OSHA’s silica dust exposure limits by a significant margin, backed by strict air quality testing. We capture 99.9995% of crystalline silica dust the instant it is created during the tile chipping process of the tile removal. Dust is suctioned and contained, never going airborne inside or near your property.

3. DustRam®’s 26 Times Patented System

Our 26+ patented system of tools and equipment, each meticulously engineered to capture silica dust at its origin. This advanced technology forms the foundation of our commitment to a dust-free environment, setting us distinctly apart from the competition. Not only did we invent the technology but we also invented the concept of dust free flooring removal. No other contractor or company is capable of performing a truly dust free services unless they are certified by DustRam®.

4. No Long Term Costs 

Choosing DustRam® means no down the line expenses related to health issues or necessary professional cleanings. Traditional methods leave silica dust lingering in your home, requiring extensive professional cleaning. This exposes you to the dust ending up in your lungs putting you at risk of serious diseases like lung cancer. Additionally, improper subfloor preparation can lead to structural issues. With DustRam® such worries are eliminated. Our precise method ensures a job well done from the start, saving you future costs and hassles.

5. Quality Subfloor Preparation

Our expertise extends beyond tile removal. DustRam® contractors are skilled in thorough floor preparation, grinding down thinset to a perfectly level and clean concrete slab. This meticulous preparation, free from any dust, sets the stage for a flawless new floor installation, ensuring both aesthetic and structural integrity.

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Health Over Dust: DustRam®’s Commitment to Dust Free Tile Removal

Silica is Dangerous

Understand why silica dust poses a significant health risk and why choosing DustRam® for your tile removal in Alief means choosing a healthier, safer living or working environment. We educate and empower our clients, highlighting the benefits of our dust-free technology for their flooring projects.

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Building a Future Without Silica Dust Dangers

Our commitment at DustRam® is to create a future where tile removal never compromises health. Opting for our dust-free tile removal services means prioritizing a safer, healthier environment. We are dedicated to fostering responsible, health-conscious renovation practices that resonate with modern homeowners.

Client Experiences

Hear from our clients about the transformative impact of DustRam®’s dust-free tile removal services. These stories go beyond testimonials; they are real-life examples of how we’ve enhanced their living spaces and well-being. From families to businesses, experience the tangible benefits of our dust-free approach.

Start a new chapter in home improvement with DustRam® in Alief, Texas. Join our community that values health, safety, and high-quality renovation practices. Schedule your dust-free tile removal service with us and become part of a movement dedicated to superior quality and health in every aspect of home improvement.