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Travertine Floor Cleaning in Houston, TX

Travertine Floor Cleaning For a Houston Homeowner

Our customer has a beautiful tumbled travertine floor. It had never been professionally cleaned or maintained and she was tired of trying to remove the dirt the old fashioned way. She called Cutting Edge to get an estimate and professional advice on the proper cleaning method. We advised our travertine cleaning, sealing and polishing service.

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Why Cutting Edge Flooring Services is the Best Choice

The customer chose Cutting Edge Flooring Services in part because of our years of experience in the natural stone restoration category of flooring services. Our technical expertise in the cleaning, sealing and polishing of travertine floors is among the highest level in the Houston, TX area.

The Obstacles With the Travertine Floors

1. Wide Grout Lines

This particular floor has wide grout lines and many low spots in the form of naturally pitted areas.

2. Dirt Spots

During regular cleaning, mopping of the floor leaves a soap film on the surface of the travertine. Mopping also spreads the dirt around the floor, which then settles into the low spots. This makes the grout and the pitted areas accumulate dirt rapidly and soon the get darker.


This is due to the inability of customer to rinse and extract the dirt and debris after mopping.

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The Solution

1. Cleaning the Travertine Tile With AN alkaline solution

We developed a well established plan regarding the cleaning of the floor. We used an alkaline cleaning solution on the entire floor. This solution emulsifies the dirt and oils which have built up on the surface of the stone as well as in the grout and pitted areas.


Next, we used a truck mounted, heated water pressure and extraction system to remove the solution, along with all of the debris from the floor.


Once the floor was cleaned, we applied a travertine polishing compound to the floor and used our equipment to polish the floor to a medium shine, adequate to reflect windows and doorways, along with overhead lighting, but not to the level of a marble floor. Tumbled travertine tends to attain a medium level shine due in part to the pitting and grout.


Finally, we sealed the entire floor; including the grout, with a clear, non-enhancing, penetrating (impregnating) sealer, which will help repel staining materials and assist in keeping the floor cleaner, longer.

The Result… A Cleaner Floor

Upon completion, the floor is clearly cleaner. The grout and pitted areas are much lighter and are now protected by the impregnating stone sealer. The dullness in the stone floor has been replaces The dull areas of the travertine were polished out to a much more reflective appearance; leaving the floor looking and feeling fresh and clean.

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